ASEAMETRICS is also supported by its Channel Sales Partners from Singapore and Indonesia.

Citadel Search

Citadel Search

Citadel Search is an executive search and headhunting firm.  Citadel Search understands strategic workforce needs in order to optimize the company’s talent mix.  Their search capabilities extend beyond Singapore to international grounds successful mandates filled in Malaysia, Vietnam, China, and Indonesia.

In Singapore, Citadel Search operates 6 major desks:
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical
  • Real Estate & Investment
  • Corporate Functions
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Contracting

PT Integra Mitra Sejati

PT Integra Mitra Sejati is known to be experts in telecommunication and informatics business. Their vision is to be a well-experienced and trustworthy telematics business partner.

Integra Mitra Sejati focuses on broad SMS services both for companies/institutes and individuals. Fast delivering messages and effectiveness of information are their main goals.

They have now broadened their branch offices to Bandung, Surabaya, and Medan. Their clients also reach to wide range of community, including insurance, bank, malls, beauty clinic, cafe and restaurant, pub and karaoke, radio broadcasting company, furniture, jewelry, etc.