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We are a consulting firm at the forefront in the delivery of strategic, integrated, and regenerative solutions.


NEWS l March 7, 2024

ASEAMETRICS and National University-Asia Pacific College (NU-APC) have embarked on a transformative partnership designed to foster better collaboration between industry…

pe mark flores
NEWS l March 19, 2024

Rotary Club of Makati City Diamond President-Elect Mark Flores graduates from PETS 2024

Over the weekend, the Rotary Club of Makati City Diamond shone brightly as our President-Elect Mark Flores, embarked on an enchanting journey at the …

Are you ready to elevate your game_ ASEAMETRICS is embarking on an extraordinary journewith Empleyado, and you’re invited!
ARTICLE l March 19, 2024

ASEAMETRICS embarks on an extraordinary partnership with Empleyado

We’re thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration that’s set to revolutionize overall employee experience. On March 4th, ASEAMETRICS and Empleyado sealed a partnership to empower Human Resources and allow organizations …

RCMCD Corporate Rotary Club steps up ‘Gulayan sa Paaralan’ Project 5
ARTICLE l January 25, 2024

RCMCD Corporate Rotary Club steps up ‘Gulayan sa Paaralan’ Project

The Rotary Club of Makati City Diamond (RCMCD), the first corporate Rotary Club in the Philippines, has once again taken the lead in community service and environmental stewardship with its latest project – the Plant Box project…


TalentProfile 2023

TalentProfile™ helps organizations fast-track competency development through the design and development of tailored competency frameworks.

TalentMatch 2023

TalentMatch™ is an integrated and automated end-to-end solution that ensures hiring the right people for specific organizational needs.

TalenTrack 2023

TalentTrack™ helps move the right people up the organization through assessment of behaviors, potentials, and capabilities.

TalentDev 2023

TalentDev™ answers learning and development needs through flexible, customizable, and self-directed learning, powered by Udemy, the world’s largest e-learning content provider and management system.

TalentShift 2023

TalentShift™ based on bestselling books, The Arbinger Institute Outward Mindset programs offers a proven and tested approach to solving mindset problems.

TalentCare 2023

TalentCare™ solution helps build safe, nurturing cultures while addressing pressing people-issues such as mental health, ultimately impacting engagement and productivity.

TalentMax 2023

TalentMax™ solution is an Integrated Capability Development Solution Towards Maximum Optimization of Talents



"We at ASEAMETRICS believe that every organization has the potential to achieve greatness through its human capital. It is our mission to unlock this potential through human capital transformation.

As experts in HR technology we see ourselves as systems- and value- integrators. We deliver results that drive business growth through carefully tailored solutions that combine the latest in technology with our expertise in talent management. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to delivering exceptional value and providing a seamless experience for all our clients."

Liza Manalo-Mapagu

Founder and CEO



We are a consulting firm at the forefront in the delivery of strategic, integrated, and regenerative solutions.

We are value integrators that aim to maximize capabilities, deliver results, and build the future through HR technologies that enable and ennoble people and organizations to perform at their peak.


A world where every person is a valued talent thriving in a people-organization-technology eco-system that seamlessly drives and inspires performance and growth.

Our Value Proposition

  • Value Creation: We identify and measure the metrics of success, and show the value created from the partnership through business outcome studies, and ROI analysis.
  • Agility: Our solutions are continuously developed based on the needs of the market, using the latest technologies. We offer customized service packages depending on the requirements of the company.
  • Loyalty: Our track record for client partnership has been proven by our very high customer service ratings and client retention rate.
  • User Experience: We design our products and services based on user experience (UX). The solutions that we offer are user-friendly, and the customer service that we provide is unparalleled.
  • Experience/Expertise: We have a combined experience of 15 years on HR Consulting and Technology Integration.




Our HR Director still believes that talent acquisition needs to be done manually and insists on lengthy interviews. How can we convince our boss that using HR technology in talent acquisition and retention can add more value to our HR strategies and programs?


Convincing your boss to adopt HR technology for talent acquisition and retention involves demonstrating the tangible benefits and value it can bring to the organization. Here are some key points and strategies to help you make your case:

  • Data-Driven Efficiency:
    • “Implementing HR technology allows us to make data-driven decisions, significantly improving the efficiency of our talent acquisition process. Automated screening and analytics enable us to identify top candidates faster, reducing time-to-hire and freeing up HR resources for strategic initiatives.”
  • Cost Savings and Candidate Experience:
    • “Adopting HR technology not only saves time and costs through streamlined processes but also enhances the candidate experience. Automated communication and a user-friendly application process contribute to a positive employer brand, helping us attract top talent more effectively.”
  • Strategic Retention with Predictive Analytics:
    • “HR technology goes beyond recruitment; it empowers us to strategically manage talent retention. Predictive analytics identifies potential flight risks, allowing us to implement targeted retention strategies. This proactive approach ensures the longevity and success of our key employees, giving us a competitive edge in talent management.”

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