Talent Care™

TalentCare™ solution helps build safe, nurturing cultures while addressing pressing people-
issues such as mental health, ultimately impacting engagement and productivity.

Building Positive Emotional Culture for your organization

Are you looking for a more proactive strategy to address individual and teams’ wellness and well-being? Are you in search a solution to support your organization’s program on engagement and performance improvement? We have the solution for you.

What is TalentCare?

Our TalentCare solution can help build positive emotional culture in your organization, while addressing pressing people-issues, which impact engagement and productivity.

TalentCare has the following features:

1. Using HR Avatar’s EVI, get the pulse of the emotional condition and the cause/trigger of your employee’s emotional state before they impact engagement and productivity

2. Through Udemy E-Learning Courses, employees and managers are up and re-skilled on the new competencies needed to be more engaged, resilient and productive in the environment of the new normal.

3. Our Certified Life Coaches are on call to guide you and your people in coping with the work and life challenged and boost ego strength


What’s in it for you?

Research has shown evidence of the positive impact of providing Well-Being Programs and maintaining a positive emotional culture in the organization. The following are the 7 benefits to the employees and organizations (Dr. Steve Aldana):

  1. Decrease absenteeism
  2. Improve employee health behaviors
  3. Reduce elevated health risks
  4. Reduce health care costs
  5. Improve employee recruitment and retention
  6. Build and help sustain high employee morale
  7. Improve Productivity