TalentProfile 2023

TalentProfile™ helps organizations fast-track competency development through the design and development of tailored competency frameworks.

TalentMatch 2023

TalentMatch™ is an integrated and automated end-to-end solution that ensures hiring the right people for specific organizational needs.

TalenTrack 2023

TalentTrack™ helps move the right people up the organization through assessment of behaviors, potentials, and capabilities.

TalentDev 2023

TalentDev™ answers learning and development needs through flexible, customizable, and self-directed learning, powered by Udemy, the world’s largest e-learning content provider and management system.

TalentShift 2023

TalentShift™ based on bestselling books, The Arbinger Institute Outward Mindset programs offers a proven and tested approach to solving mindset problems.

TalentCare 2023

TalentCare™ solution helps build safe, nurturing cultures while addressing pressing people-issues such as mental health, ultimately impacting engagement and productivity.

TalentMax 2023

TalentMax™ solution is an Integrated Capability Development Solution Towards Maximum Optimization of Talents