Are you ready to elevate your game_ ASEAMETRICS is embarking on an extraordinary journewith Empleyado, and you’re invited!

We’re thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration that’s set to revolutionize overall employee experience. On March 4th, ASEAMETRICS and Empleyado sealed a partnership to empower Human Resources and allow organizations to achieve seamless and effective operations through advanced technology to address the evolving needs of industry.

The partnership will create a powerhouse of innovation, efficiency, and excellence.    

This collaboration means more than just having two names side by side.  Empleyado’s advanced HCMS features combined with ASEAMETRICS’ rich expertise in talent management and HR solutions bring endless possibilities for blazing new paths in the way we manage, nurture, and fulfill organizational and people potentials.

We’re ready for a seamless experience never experienced before, as this partnership means enhanced services, cutting-edge solutions, and unparalleled support tailored just for you!

“Our collective expertise and rich experience drive this partnership forward. This partnership embodies our commitment to not just adapt but to lead in creating workplaces where everyone thrives,” Liza Mapagu CEO of ASEAMETRICS shared.

About ASEAMETRICS: We are a consulting firm at the forefront in the delivery of strategic and integrated solutions that build capabilities, create value, and deliver results.

We are experts at providing technology-based solutions that enable and ennoble people and organizations to perform at their peak.

About Empleyado: Empleyado HRIS features an end-to-end cycle of Human Resources Management. It has comprehensive modules on Employee Management, Compensation and Benefits, and Timekeeping. It is a smart system that can help generate reports which can be used as decision-making tools for the betterment of human capital management. Unlike others, Empleyado has a recruitment platform where job seekers can drop their application and it has a system that works best for HR professionals.

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