RCMCD Corporate Rotary Club steps up ‘Gulayan sa Paaralan’ Project 5

The Rotary Club of Makati City Diamond (RCMCD), the first corporate Rotary Club in the Philippines, has once again taken the lead in community service and environmental stewardship with its latest project – the Plant Box Garden at Don Bosco Elementary School, a public elementary school in Paranaque. Being a corporate Rotary Club, RCMCD’s membership is composed of the employees and consultants of ASEAMETRICS, and functions as one of the company’s projects in support of sustainable development goals movement. Spearheaded by RCMCD Top Gun President Ching Abello, the club has generously allocated resources to create a green oasis for both students and the community of the public school.

RCMCD Corporate Rotary Club steps up ‘Gulayan sa Paaralan’ Project 3

In a symbolic gesture of support, RCMCD VP Mir Mapagu recently collaborated with the officials, and teachers of the school for the acquisition of garden materials and plants. RCMCD’s contribution underscores its commitment to fostering positive change and creating sustainable, green spaces in local communities.

The inception of the Plant Box Garden project can be traced back to a meeting held last year, where RCMCD Top Gun President Ching Abello, VP Mir Mapagu, and Service Project Chair Eryn Cadapan visited the school to discuss and lay the groundwork for the project.

This recent project is not the first time RCMCD is partnering with the Don Bosco Elementary School. In 2022, it initiated the “Gulayan sa Paaralan” vertical garden project, contributing both financial resources and volunteerism to kickstart the initiative. This earlier success set the stage for the current Plant Box Garden project, demonstrating the club’s commitment to building on past achievements and creating lasting positive impacts.

Beyond the aesthetic transformation, the Plant Box Garden serves as an interactive learning space for students, providing them with hands-on experience in horticulture and environmental conservation. The project aligns with RCMCD’s vision of creating a sustainable and greener future by instilling in the younger generation a sense of responsibility towards nature.

RCMCD Corporate Rotary Club steps up ‘Gulayan sa Paaralan’ Project 2

With RCMCD’s commitment to community service and environmental sustainability, the Plant Box Garden at Don Bosco Elementary School stands as a testament to the transformative impact that a united community and a green vision can achieve. The Rotary Club continues to sow the seeds of positive change, fostering growth and resilience within the urban setting.

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