Talent Profile™

TalentProfile™ helps organizations fast track competency development through the design and
development of tailored competency frameworks.

Competency Development and Success Profiling

Is your company going through an organizational transformation and gearing towards new strategic directions? Are these new directions impact on talents and needing revisiting of your competency model? Are you looking for a consulting firm that can help you fast track the competency model review?

We have the solution and consulting team for you.

What is TalentProfile?

TalentProfile is a consulting solution that provides the model, techniques, tools and consultants to fast track your Competency Development. The output of the consulting project is a Competency Framework.

An organizational competency framework contains some or all of the following elements:

  • The Competency Development Cycle – Core competence, strategic analysis, vision and value orientation work, organizational structural implications
  • Role profiles
  • Competency definitions, clusters and sub-set competencies
  • Proficiency levels and success profiles
  • Behavioral anchors per proficiency level

Our differentiation is our ability to provide quick applications of the outputs of the project for Recruitment and Selection, Performance Management, Learning and Development, and Succession Management.

We also extend the competency development project until success profiling wherein the model is translated into assessment solutions and benchmarking study for identifying competency standards for talent acquisition and development.



What’s in it for you?

  • Sets a concrete direction for workforce performance that aligns with organizational goals and strategies.
  • Enables HR to have a concrete understanding of all employee abilities and skills.
  • Enables HR and Training to more accurately identify learning & development (L&D) needs.
  • Allows employees to take ownership of the skills and behaviors required of them in their roles.
  • Empowers organizations to keep track of what skills employees have so that strategy and planning can work towards that future skills may be needed.
  • Provides a consistent and fair system of measurement for performance evaluation.(Valamis, 2019)