Talent Track™

TalentTrack™ helps move the right people up and across the organization through assessment
and validation of behaviors, potentials and capabilities.

Assessment of Leadership Potentials and Competencies for Succession Management Programs using Assessment and Development Center (ADC)

Are you looking for an assessment solution that can do this for you? Objectively identify your high-potential talents. Minimize your risk of promoting and investing in the wrong candidates. Help you design targeted learning and development programs for succession management. Arrest the number of high-potential talents leaving the company.

Our TalentTrack solution provides talent insights and foresights on:

  • High-Potential talents to invest in
  • Talents who are ready to assume higher positions
  • Talents who need to be further developed
  • What learning and development programs to offer
  • Drivers of engagement and performance
  • When to buy, build, and borrow talents

What is TalentTrack ?

TalentTrack is an assessment program to validate talent’s leadership potential and competency levels using HR Avatar Online Assessment and the Assessment and Development Center (ADC).


What’s in it for you?

Benefits to the Candidates

  • Improved productivity by building on their strengths and addressing their developmental areas.

Benefits to HR

  • Reduced training investment through targeted individual Learning and Development Plan.

Benefits to The Organization

  • Optimized internal talents for higher positions, thus promote retention of talents.