2023 HR Tech Conference Insight #1_ Adaptable HR Strategy Matters v1

MOVING TOWARD AN EMPOWERED AI WORKPLACE: Top 10 Insights from 2023 HR Tech Conference, Las Vegas, October 10-13, 2023

From October 10-13, 2023, HR pros worldwide convened in Las Vegas for the HR Tech Conference – the HR tech event of the year. Here’s a glimpse of what we learned starting from the pre-conference session of Stacey Harris of the Sapient Insights Group on “Building an Adaptable HR Systems Strategy”.

Insight #1: Adaptable HR Strategy Matters

1. Adaptable HR Systems Strategy: HR technology is not just about implementing the latest tools; it’s about having an adaptable HR systems strategy. This strategy should be built on a solid foundation and should continually evolve to meet the changing needs of the organization. It’s not a one-time project but an ongoing process.

2. Focus on Outcomes: When integrating technology into HR, it’s essential to focus on outcomes. What specific improvements are expected when HR strategies are executed with technology? It’s not just about adopting technology for the sake of it but understanding how it will enhance the organization’s human metrics and overall performance.

3. The Essence of Strategy: Like business strategy, HR strategy involves choosing what NOT to do. This means making deliberate choices about where to allocate resources and efforts. It’s about prioritizing initiatives that align with the organization’s goals and values.

4. Looking Inward and Outward: An effective HR strategy should consider both internal and external factors. Looking inward involves examining business drivers, the existing organizational culture, the current state of HR, and identifying gaps that need to be addressed. Looking outward entails planning state, creating roadmaps, establishing governance, and implementing change management processes.

2023 HR Tech Conference Insight #1_ Adaptable HR Strategy Matters v2

5. The 60-30-10 Blueprint: The 60-30-10 model is a practical blueprint for HR Systems Strategy. It suggests allocating 60% of your efforts to running the business, ensuring that daily HR operations are smooth and efficient. 30% should be dedicated to growing the business, which involves talent development, succession planning, and other growth-focused initiatives. The remaining 10% is for innovation, exploring and adopting new technologies and practices to stay ahead in the industry.

Insight #1 emphasizes the importance of having a well-thought-out, adaptable HR Systems Strategy that focuses on outcomes and aligns with the organization’s goals. It encourages HR professionals to make strategic choices, both in terms of where to invest resources and in how to balance running, growing, and innovating within HR.

This strategic approach is vital for HR’s successful integration of technology, particularly AI and machine learning, into the workplace. It ensures that technology is harnessed to drive business success and create a “super-powered” workforce.

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