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One of the most popular job sites, Indeed, receives 250,000 unique visitors every month, showing just how online recruitment — also called e-recruitment — has been a widely adopted method across the globe. The COVID-19 pandemic might have accelerated this, but even before that, more than 80% of recruitment had been happening online, according to Jobvite’s 2019 Recruiting Benchmark Report.

Recruiting employees online requires strategy and effective methods in order to garner high-quality results. Here are a few tried and tested strategies to consider:

Attention-grabbing Website

The job market is highly competitive, so your website, especially your career page, must show that you are on top of the game. The company website is the best place for employer branding. Showcase your company culture and personality through a carefully-crafted website that has a dedicated recruitment hub, blog, a page to list down the company’s core values, as well as socially responsible corporate activities and policies. 

Tailored-fit Social Media Ads

Job seekers now use social media in their job search more than ever. To maximize social media platforms, make sure that the content you put out there matches your candidate demographic, as well as the seniority of the role you are filling.   The tone, length, format, and choice of media platform will vary significantly according to the audience you are reaching.

Paid Campaign Ads

Take your social media campaigns a notch higher through paid ads. These are effective ways to boost brand awareness and direct the candidates to your company website. LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as Google, offer pay-per-click advertising options. Take the time to create engaging and interesting content to increase the likelihood of candidates clicking the links.

Engaging Video Ads

One thing that online recruitment can potentially take away is the human or personal aspect of the process. Video ads can help make the recruitment process more personal and human. You can embed videos in social media ads, job advertisements, and your career page, so candidates gain more intimate insights into your company’s values and culture. In addition, some candidates may not be interested in reading long texts in the job ads. Incorporating video content can address this.

Effective Pre-assessment Tools

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Recruiting employees online casts a wider net, and it can potentially increase your time-to-hire if everyone who sends their application goes through the whole recruitment process. One powerful method to streamline online recruitment is to implement pre-screening for aspects such as emotional intelligence, leadership skills, cultural fit, key skills, and situational judgment. These tools can help predict future performance and reduce turnover rates. 

Structured Video Interviews

Conducting video interviews is a low-cost and convenient recruitment method. It can also help build a personal connection with applicants. Structured video interviews, where you ask all applicants the same set of questions, can help you compare candidates more effectively. Another benefit of video interviews is that they can be recorded, and be viewed and reviewed by recruiters and hiring managers, even by other team members, if you are implementing collaborative hiring.


The job market is competitive and saturated, which is why it is important to plan and strategize, and combine multiple online recruitment methods as needed. Just keep in mind to align your methods and strategies with your company values, and humanize the process as much as possible. 

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