On July 27, 2020, HR Avatar partners with the Civil Service Institute (CSI) to conduct a Webinar on “Leadership in Time of Pandemic: Addressing Challenges in Remote Teams” via Microsoft Teams.

If you received an invite from CSI, Click the button below to reserve a slot and let us know if there are specific things that you want to know as far as the subject is concerned.


We are all facing unprecedented challenges brought about by the global COVID-19 pandemic. This situation is affecting the way we live including the life of our families, communities and businesses. Leaders are faced with the daunting tasks of shifting to a different work environment, and managing the people and business during a crisis period full of anxieties and uncertainties.

The question leaders ask now is “what has changed in leadership and how best we can handle remote teams?” Proven leadership practices assume an office setting where teams meet and communicate face-to-face.
The current WHF presents a number of challenges that have to be addressed to be an effective leader. In this light, this session focuses on the following top 7 challenges faced by leaders and managers, and provide practical tips to address them:

1. Building Trust

2. Communicating Effectively

3. Optimizing Technologies

4. Managing Diversity and Individual Differences

5. Cultivating Social Learning and Love for Continuing Development

6. Building Positive emotional culture

7. Sustaining Engagement and Productivity

Target participants for the webinar are government leaders, managers and supervisors from various government agencies. At most 300 participants can be directly accommodated at the Webinar. Let us know if there are specific things that you want to know as far as the subject is concerned. Please be informed however that registration is on a first come-first served basis.

A certificate of completion with 2.5 leadership and management training hours will be given to participants who have successfully completed the whole webinar and complied with the necessary requirements.
For further details and information, you may coordinate with Mr. Mark Anthony G. Malitan (0917-5390777) or through email [email protected].


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