The HR Trends Institute stated how technology went from being just “nice to have” as a major transformational driver across industries. Companies are now expected to have a plan as to how they would adjust to keep business going while keeping their workforce safe. This is a pressing time for HR to look for ways on how to adapt specially when it comes to tasks such as talent acquisition, management and development.

Online platforms and tools such as Udemy and HR Avatar are two of the tools that you can use to support your HR initiatives. With an online platform, you basically improve your productivity and ensure the validity of candidate results during screening through analytics and artificial intelligence.

You may ask, “What technology would we need in 2021?”

HR Tech is not something new. This is has been around for the past couple of years but organizations see this as some form of luxury than a necessity. Now that technology is the reason why businesses were able to continue even the pandemic, HR tech and tools were viewed in a new perspective. When you look for the tools to support your initiatives, make sure to pay attention to the following:

  • Artificial Intelligence: AI is not a threat to HR. In fact, with augmented analytics, HR together with the management will have access to a more detailed analysis that would cover important aspects to consider when hiring. This would then allow you as an HR to make an informed and unbiased decision. AI is also the key to being more productive specific tasks for HR such as Talent Acquisition.
  • Cloud Based Platform: At this point, we need everything to be accessible anytime, anywhere. With a platform that will store your data, you can easily store candidate profiles, data and results in one system & easily refer to it when needed. Now that a hybrid and fluid workforce is becoming the new normal it is imperative to have your files where you can easily view and download them. Think of this as a way to also save space!
  • Customization & Personalization: Each organization is different. Which means the needs in terms of skills and personalities of people also vary. You should be able to find a platform that can tailor-fit solutions and assessments depending on the requirement of the business. This would increase your chance of making sure that you are working with the people who are fit to work towards your goals as a company.
  • Data Privacy & Security: When candidates apply for a job, they give you their personal information such as their full name, address, contact information, educational and work background etc. The responsibility of keeping their data private falls on you as the HR. When you search for HR tools online, make sure to check if they are abiding by the provisions of the Data Privacy Act. If you cannot see this on their website, try ask them about it just to be sure.
  • Cost Effectivity: When you inquire about the financial investment of getting any HR tool, take note of the features and functions that you would be getting as a client. Don’t waste resources paying for individual tools when you can get one platform that would handle everything that you need.

When you think about it, getting your hands on HR Tech with all these features and qualities is not that hard to find. In fact, you can easily click the button below to try it out. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have the technology to support you in screening candidates, virtual interviewing, reference checking and on-boarding?

Go ahead! Click the button below and you can start using HR Avatar for your company.


ASEAMETRICS is an HR Consulting firm established to provide solutions to help companies solve talent-related business problems. They are an expert at providing technology-based solutions to help companies identify, develop, and manage the human resource for business success, today and in the future.

Integrated into the company’s high-impact services are advanced technologies through HR Avatar (for E-Testing), Udemy (for E-Learning and Competency Development), Arbinger (for E-Learning – Mindset Change), Withiii (E-Organizational Development), ESM (E-Strategy Management), and HopeChat VP (E-Psychological Services).

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