Hotly-contested events can be stressful and could have a major effect on the mental health of people, especially given the lingering effects of the pandemic.  HR can help employees get through the emotional slump.  

We talked to some mental health experts and here are some suggestions on what you can do help employees manage their mental health during emotionally-difficult situations: 


Now, more than ever, checking in with employees is critical.   Do more than the short “how are you?” conversations – be more intentional.  Some people need to grieve.  Others need to vent their frustrations or disappointments.  Provide the space and the opportunity to be heard, or just to be comforted.  Ask them specifically what kind of support they need and really listen to what they say.  Some may hesitate to share, but what’s important is they know that they can and that they are not alone. 


It is possible for people to feel lost, heartbroken, or helpless.  Provide helpful information on how to cope.  Some organizations come up with laundry lists of tips and techniques that people can try out such as temporarily limiting exposure to social media or news channels, eating healthier food, engaging in athletic or physical activities, expanding perspectives and seeing the benefits of the situation, channeling the emotion to more productive pursuits such as gardening or volunteering in community projects, etc.  You can also offer external or if available, internal counseling resources. The idea is to offer ideas on what employees can do to get out of the fix.    


Help employees reduce, not just manage, stress. If flexible hours or remote work seem necessary to reduce the possibility of a burnout, allot resources to make it happen.  If people ask for a leave, help them get it.  Be more tolerant of emotional outbursts, the earlier-than-usual-time-out, or dips in productivity, while continuing to remind people that being productive can also help.   


A well-organized engagement activity to boost morale, promote team and self-care, or just get people to enjoy and have fun together can do wonders in helping people achieve better mental health.  The range of activities are endless: online karaoke sessions, poetry reading, trivia and quiz shows, talent contests, treasure hunts, etc.  Now is the time to make people feel organizational support. 


One of the best ways to get people out of a rut is to a help them develop action plans or roadmaps such as things they can do to ensure a different outcome the next time around.  Helping people to focus on a desirable future is not only inspiring, it can be enabling.     

Having a comprehensive and sustainable robust Employee Assistance Program can be a more strategic approach to ensuring there is a continuing program to address possible mental health challenges in your organization.   


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